Pancake’s Brother

Here is a video of our friend Pancake’s brother walking through Abercrombie & Fitch asking for job. Please Watch!!!


Starting a new weekly quiz!!

Hey everyone so from now on EVERY WEEK. I will have a quiz it will be one name-that-song and one movie quote guess o rama. Anyway each week I will put post something that looks kind of like this:

Name this song: Sitting in an english garden waiting for the sun but if the sun don’t come you get a tan from standing in the english rain.

Movie Quote Guess O Rama: Every Pilgrim reaches the end of his journey some sooner then others!!

Then you post what you think they are f rom in the comments.If you get them right  I will post your username at the start of the quiz the next week I will start tomorrow! 🙂



🙂 KunKun signing off!!


Well I am sure we have all had to answer this one question! WHICH SODA IS THE BEST??So whichever one wins I will drink for 2 weeks!!So which one shall win!!??





First off I am sorry I have not been updating on this website my internet got shut down. 🙂 Anyway once this website hits 130 views I will attempt to make a Cheese Network Animated Series!!

Also we have 2 new members

Eelram8 and DOMOdance

So welcome them!!

KunKun signing off!! 🙂